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Town of Tappahannock Zoning & Community Development

Town of Tappahannock Comprehensive Plan
Comprehensive Plan 2014

Town of Tappahannock Erosion & Sediment Control Ordinance

Erosion & Sediment Control Ordinance

Town Code
Town of Tappahannock Town Code
**Subdivision Ordinance located in the Town Code**

Zoning Permits and Forms

Food Truck Permit
Zoning Permit
Historic Overlay Zoning Permit
Application for Variance/Special Exception
Sign Permit
Zoning Verification Letter
Park Reservation Form
Complaint Form

Permit Process  

1. Download or pick up at our office a copy of the Zoning Permit

2. Depending on the project fill out permit as needed.

             a. New structure or existing building 

             b. Accessory building (shed, garage etc.…)

             c. Development – i.e. subdivision, minor site or major site plan 

             d. Permissible use

             e. Sign permit

Water & Sewer System Standards & Specifications Document
A comprehensive list of what is required for utility inspections. For questions, please contact Dennis Schools at or 804-461-8017.

Water System Cross Connection

Back Flow Prevention Program

Cross Connection & Control Program
Cross Connection Questionnaire
Backflow Test Form

Facade Grant Program
The Façade Improvement Grant (FIG) program is an initiative to visually improve business properties

demonstrating a need for public investment to spur further investment from the private sector. The goal
is to visually enhance the streetscape and increase interest in the designated area. The initiative also
serves as a tool in supporting and retaining small businesses.

The program will be administered by Economic Development Committee. FIG is a matching,
reimbursement program which requires the applicant to make the initial investment of the full project
costs; 50% of the eligible costs will be paid as a reimbursement based on verifiable evidence of payment
(canceled checks and receipts).

The maximum FIG amount available for any approved project or property is $5,000. Funding is
available on a first-come, first-served basis until the funding pool has been exhausted annually as
appropriated each fiscal year (beginning July 1st and ending June 30th the following year).
All recipients are required to enter into a FIG Agreement document that will establish the conditions of
approval and terms of grant disbursement. An individual owner, L.L.C., and/or other type of IRS
recognizable holding company who owns multiple properties and has applied for multiple projects in
town may only receive a maximum of $10,000 in funding per fiscal year referenced above. 

Facade Grant Application

For questions regarding Zoning & Community Development, please contact Connie Dalton at or (804) 443-3336.

Proposal for New Street Signs
The Town Council prioritized beautification of the Town during their 2023 Retreat. To reduce the visual clutter from the numerous street signs throughout Town, a proposal was requested from Signature Streetscapes for new street signs. A two-phase approach is proposed. Signage has been designed for the downtown area, and for a Phase II for the remainder of the Town.

The goals on the new signage include:

  • Reduce visual clutter by including numerous elements on one sign;
  • Replace missing signage;
  • Clarify and provide consistency in naming of streets.

The proposal was presented to the Town Council on October 10, 2023 and a full-size sample has been installed on Town Hall property to allow for a full review of materials utilized, clarity of the sign (day vs night), and any other considerations by the Council and the community. Input from the community is requested.

In addition to input on the general design of the signage specific input is requested for the preference for a white or blue Historic Downtown component.

Please feel free to email your comments, questions, or concerns to the Town:

Regular Street Sign
Historic Downtown Sign

Revitalization Plan
Final Tappahannock Revitalization Plan
The plan was presented by Summit Design to the Town Council on 05/08/2023.
PowerPoint Presentation for the Downtown Revitalization Plan